• Graphic Designer

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I'm a perfectionist with an eagle eye for detail...

with 20 plus years experience.



Happy Ntshingila - Big Cheese in South Africa

"Lara Field does not stop working and is never ever satisfied with the final creative product. Always insists on continuous improvement! A stickler for excellence."

Cat Field - The Five Bells Pub Chailey

"You genuinely went above and far beyond what I envisioned and it looks amazing. I am genuinely am in awe of what you have managed to do. Everyone that I have spoken to has said that it's very well presented, clear and easy to use."

David Knight - Chairman & Director of Innovation Defactoed

"Lara has been a hugely positive and creative influence for our team at DEfactoED. A fantastic team player, highly innovative with immense energy, Lara has helped grow our business from fledgling start up to an established player in the digital learning world."

Emma & Sam - Fig & Lemon Interiors

"Thanks for all your hard work, we are thrilled with how professional the site looks, you've done such a great job, it looks AMAZING... we absolutely love it. The navigation, images, flow... everything about it is really slick and sophisticated and just want to say a huge thank you for what you have achieved, it's absolutely spot on."

Theshnee Govender - Designer in South Africa

"Lara was my no nonsense, fair, creative and off the map thinking boss. She helped me grow in my role as a designer and is truly one of the people that shaped my career today. She was quick to teach and slow to judge. A very easy going & open minded person who always had time for her team. Her design was always impeccable and clients loved her. In short, Lara was a pleasure to work for and with!"